—Commissions must be paid for within 48 hours unless a delay is stated
—I must be informed of deadlines before i start
—I have a right to decline your commission
—I do not refund art after it is finished. I am able to do a partial refund if I’m not past the coloring stage.
—I send progress pictures along the way (sketching, lineart, and flatcolor) if you need something corrected, please tell me before i finish.
—Please do not pester me every day for updates. I work in order of what is next on my queue.
—I do not draw nsfw or fetish art. i am a minor.
—Prices are subject to change depending on character complexity.
—I only accept characters with at least one photo to go off of. I do not take descriptions, unless you’re willing to be charged extra
—I cannot draw humans, armor, or mech. if you’re unsure, send a photo of the character and i may see if i can draw them.
—I refuse to draw anything that contains hate speech or symbols. i also refuse to draw anything political or anything potentially triggering.
—Please do not back out from commissioning and/or ghost me. That’s a waste of time.
—I do accept payment after a sketch, but it will be heavily watermarked. If you ghost me and/or block me after the sketch is sent you will be blacklisted.
—I do NOT accept payment after completion. it must be fully paid before i start or after i send a sketch.
—I can draw heavy gore, just nothing potentially triggering.
—I’m not comfortable with my art being reposted, even with credit. i’m completely fine with my art being used as a pfp with credit ONLY IF MADE FOR YOU



Fullbody with simple shading, can be feral or anthro, prices go up depending on character


Unshaded $9

Shaded $12

Any expression, prices may go up depending on the character


Unshaded $16

Shaded $20

Any pose and expression, prices may go up depending on the character


Drawing page


Usually come with a headshot, a chibi, and a chibi headshot. Prices may go up depending on character(s).

Reference Sheets


Price goes up depending on the character, how many fullbodies/headshots, and any extras. Typically come with 1-2 fullbodies, 1 headshot, and a few accessories.

Detailed Scenes


Always come fully shaded and detailed, any pose and background of your choice. Prices may go up depending on the character and background choice.

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